Intel Computer Clubhouse

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Amman was recently launched by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. The Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development, the International Youth Foundation (IYF), and the Museum of Science in the MIT Media lab are partners in this exciting venture. The Clubhouse serves the area of Hashemi Al Shamali in East Amman located in ZENID. To date the clubhouse has over 250 members. It has changed the dynamics of the area, as young people did not have the opportunities to access ICT previously.

The Goal of the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse aims to enable youth in underserved communities, to acquire appropriate and creative tools and skills which will contribute to personal, professional and development fulfillment. The ultimate goal is to improve the individual well-being of club members, their families and the broader community. The Intel Computer Clubhouse is an after-school program that provides youth aged 10-18 access to technology, professional software and adult mentors to help them develop the self-confidence and enthusiasm for the learning they need to be successful in the future.

Youth visiting the Computer Clubhouse learn by doing.They create digital artwork, produce their own music CDs, write, produce and edit their own short videos, design websites and other communication materials, and manipulate their photos. The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network was originally a project of Boston’s Museum of Science in collaboration with the MIT Media Laboratory.